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If you are experience birds in the attic, birds in the bathroom vents, or a bird on your home contact us as we can solve your bird Problem. We continuously service all of Genesee County, MI and surrounding areas for bird control and bird removal services.


Chimney Swifts

The name says it all. These are the annoying sounds (screetching) you hear coming from your fireplace. There is generally a nest of young living in the middle of your chimney stack. Chimney swift control is difficult and often time sensitive. Control chimney swifts or getting rid of them often is done by patiently waiting until the nest of young are mature and can leave the nest. Once the birds are gone and the chimney is clean we will cap your chimney to prevent the return and keep other wildlife out.


They live in eaves, gable vents, and huge construction gaps. They make large nest and can cause extensive damage to your insulation in the attic. Starlings are often the birds people encounter the most. Starlings can be excluded just like bats by using exclusion devices and bird netting to prevent the return. Cleaning eaves and vents is often difficult with out removing vent screens or soffits. Although difficult definitely recommended to prevent the spread of the bird flu, histoplasmosis, salmonella, and other diseases.


Most annoying birds to home owners. These birds peck on your home for a few reasons; You might have a termite or carpenter ant problem and the birds are looking for food. It is understood by some experts that horizontal pecking pasterns indicates the birds are looking for food. They feast on termites an carpenter ants.  Maybe a good idea to have your home inspected for these insects as well as treated for. Vertical pecking patterns indicate looking for an opening to nest in. During a couple times a year the birds will come to your home during mating season. Often times you will hear these birds pecking on gutters to alert other woodpeckers they are in the area. Shiny flashing will often deter the birds from pecking at your home. When painting your home you may consider mixing it with woodpecker deterrent.


These tiny little birds can fit into small construction gaps creating nest in several locations on your home. Often a bird exclusion is needed in order to exclude these birds from their nesting area. Exclusions for sparrows are much like excluding bats from our home. The use of one way doors and sealing open construction gaps is way to get rid of the nuisance birds and prevent them from returning.


Pigeons create a huge mess inside an attic or commercial building. They can also make a huge mess on your roof tops. They carry many diseases. Pigeons are typically controlled by removing them with nets or by hand. Sealing off their entry point is key to prevent them from returning. Cleaning the mess they make is most important as they are recognized as the dirtiest birds in Genesee County, MI

Michigan Bird Control - Serving all of genesee county, mi

At Michigan Bat Control, Inc. we pretty much get rid of all nuisance wildlife from commercial and residential properties. Bird control is another one of our specialties in the wildlife control industry. We are one of the only companies around the Genesee County, Mi area willing to take on large bird control projects. We take care of anything that flies and this requires special equipment to do so. Birds nest and live high off the ground in places most companies are not willing to go. We have 40 foot ladders and aerial lifts to handle any bird job coming from Genesee County, MI properties. 

We specialize in bird removal and bird control. We can prevent birds from getting into your home, attic and fireplace by doing all the necessary repairs. Flashing eaves, screening gable vents, capping chimneys, and fixing soffits. There are many types of nuisance birds we deal with in Genesee County, MI. Below are some of the birds we deal with regularly.